Pain Free Body Course

Tap into Your Bodies Healing Wisdom

Are you seeking to begin a self-care strategy or amplify your current treatment program? 


Are you ready to take control and reclaim your life?

Your body knows how to heal, when you get cut, a scab forms, there's some swelling and a healing reaction happens. This intelligence happens naturally and effortlessly so how come it doesn't happen all the time? The simple answer is: we pick the scab. We can't see these scabs but they are just as real. Unresolved emotional pain and traumas pick the scab and won't allow for the healing process to fully engage.

Some of these difficult emotions most likely didn't even start with you, modern day research says that we carry trauma and patterns of emotional pain from our ancestors. These patterns operate within us until they're cleared.

In the pain free body course you are gently guided into restorative energies and ways of thinking that creates the inner space to awaken your natural healing potential.  As a result not only can you experience relief from physical pain but also new possibilities will open up in your life.


You will explore:

Module 1: Ancestor Wisdom

It doesn't start with you. We pick emotional pain and trauma from our ancestors. Become aware of these patterns, seek to heal your relations and restore the golden threads that bring forward the best from your ancestry.

Module 2: Power of Grounding and Mother Nature

While we may never go back to Mother Nature it's essential to move forward with her. Learn about the power of grounding the body to the earths subtle energies and how this practice reduces pain and inflammation.

Module 3: Going Mental. Friend or Foe?

Be-friend thoughts through reducing mental static and negative self-talk. Learn the ground rules for calming an overactive mind and a powerful meditative exercise that can instantly reduce overwhelm.

Module 4: Pain Free with Body Tapping

A self-healing modality that is a synergistic blend of ancient Chinese acupressure and mind body medicine that resolves blocked emotions and releases physical and emotional pain. Tap and connect with the feeling of peace that resides within your body field.

Module 5: Shaking Medicine

A talk free modality that gently induces a body tremor or shake to access and release deeply stored patterns of tension, stress and trauma. This practice also connects us to greater joy, clarity of thinking, and creative expression.

"We do not think ourselves into a new way of living. We live ourselves into new ways of thinking"-Richard Rohr

With these concrete practices we move from the limitations of belief to knowing! 

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About Steve:

Steve Munn is the founder of ClearPoint Center. He works with groups and individuals to bring about healing, greater clarity and purpose into their lives. Steve has played an integral roles in The Tapping Solution and The Calling Film Projects, which both explore and document the power of alternative healing methods.