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Steve has developed his own Clearpoint Coaching Process to help leaders gain clarity and perspective on what truly matters in their lives and finding greater levels of effectiveness and flow.

Steve has been featured in The Tapping Solution Documentary and The Calling Film which explores Traditional Wisdom of South African culture and the significance of following ones calling.

He is a commitment to being a life long learner and is currently enrolled in the Integrating Ayurveda program at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont.  Steve served as a U.S. Army Food Service Specialist, Business owner, certified Holistic Health Coach, Sales Leader and an internationally recognized expert in EFT/Tapping. He is an enthusiastic Health Motivator and Success Coach that is sure to get you going. Steve is certified by the AADP American Association of Drug-less Practitioners.

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Shannon McCarthy is a visionary artist with a degree in linguistics and classical studies. She became enthralled with painting when she was just five years old and in 2006 made the decision to commit her professional life to the study and practice of classical and religious art. Her Art pervades throughout Clearpoint and doesn't stop with just paintings, her artistry has also found its way into the kitchen, which has blessed many of our treasured guests.

She is currently studying with Sandra Wakeen Fine Art and is planning to continue her studies in Italy this fall.

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Clearpoint Center

Founding story


In 2002, I sold my wholesale floral business to explore a dream I had to open a retreat center and to travel and meet new people. In 2004 I enrolled in a Health Coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. While attending the live classes I met a gal from Florida. After a few dates I drafted up an invitation for a personal retreat under the tall pines of Connecticut. Shannon accepted and our relationship started to bloom. In 2005 we joined forces to operate Clearpoint as a retreat and holistic learning center, our first program was a sold out success! We’ve have the great fortune to host guests and visiting teachers from around the globe. In 2011 we were married under those same tall pines and shortly after welcomed our son Leo followed by our daughter Rinde in 2014. We operate Clearpoint as a family and community run business.

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