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Founding principle.

A star filled night at ClearPoint!


Walking your foot-path or dharma is about finding your highest happiness and expression. Just like each one of us has a unique fingerprint the same is true for our foot-path. Millennia ago, Saints in ancient Eastern traditions articulated that our dharma (life purpose) is our greatest protector in life, as when we’re in it, life aligns and naturally falls into place. We are safe and protected. When we fall off path and lose sight of our inner purpose we often suffer and can even lead to sickness. We believe that Path is Medicine. Since 2005 Clearpoint has been a lighthouse to many fellow voyagers, to assist in illuminating the way and navigating difficult terrain through community building, emotional agility and holistic health practices.






At 35 years old Steve sold his wholesale floral business to follow a calling of opening a retreat center.  His interests and extra funds from selling his business gave him the opportunity to explore traditional healing practices, meditation, yoga and spiritual seeking as a part time homesteader and globetrotter. He started with a summer long internship at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

In 2005 Steve along with his wife Shannon, founded Clearpoint Retreat Center. Together they have hosted numerous guests, teachers, workshops and retreats. Steve has been featured in The Tapping Solution Documentary and The Calling Film which explores Traditional Wisdom of South African culture and the significance of following ones calling.

Steve is a commitment to being a life long learner and is currently enrolled in the Integrating Ayurveda program at the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont.  Steve is a former U.S. Army Food Service Specialist, Business owner, certified Holistic Health Coach, and an internationally recognized expert in EFT/Tapping. He is an enthusiastic Health Motivator that is sure to get you going.





Shannon McCarthy is a visionary artist with a degree in linguistics and classical studies. She became enthralled with painting when she was just five years old and in 2006 made the decision to commit her professional life to the study and practice of classical and religious art. Her Art pervades throughout Clearpoint and doesn't stop with just paintings, her artistry has also found its way into the kitchen, which has blessed many of our treasured guests.

Shannon and Steve met at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004 and were married in 2011. They welcomed their son Leo in 2012 followed by their daughter Rinde in 2014. She is currently studying with Sandra Wakeen Fine Art and is planning to continue her studies in Italy this fall.

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