Are your food costs out of control?

Are your food costs out of control? Hungry teenagers?

You have to pick your battles wisely. Here is one battle you need to choose.  It will reduce food costs and improve health GUARANTEED!

It’s so incredibly simple but at first you may find it hard to do. We’ve been so conditioned as a culture to eat mindlessly and to swallow our food with only a few bites. Very rarely do I see people put down their forks in-between mouthfuls. I have to challenge myself to do this; slow down, breath, chew and be mindful.

Teenagers are notorious for inhaling their food.

When this happens more food is consumed than necessary, the brain doesn’t get the full signal and the digestive system has to work harder to break down the food which promotes gas, belching and could lead to more serious health problems in the future.

I once met a man who survived a concentration camp, where most of his friends died, one of the strategies to keep him alive was to chew his water and the tiny amount of food that was given 100 to 200 times a mouthful.

I promise this is a battle worth fighting, encourage your self and your children to chew their food. You’ll have a richer experience with food, eat less, improve health and save money.

Chew each mouthful 20 to 30 times and notice how you feel. Pick your battles wisely with your kids. This is one battle you want to stay strong on!

Steven A Munn

Holistic Health Coaching.

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