Clarity Rules: Born from Aliveness.

By Steven Munn | May 2, 2019

  Can too much pleasure and stimulation be a bad thing? We come wired with a Aliveness system, but misuse of this system, through overstimulation and chasing endless pleasure, can lead to feeling a bit dull and empty. According to brain imaging research and the work of Dr. Archibald Hart, clinical phycologist and expert in … Read moreClarity Rules: Born from Aliveness.

Pain Free Body Talk at Farmtrue.

By Steven Munn | November 27, 2018

Pain Free Body Talk in Stafford.

By Steven Munn | November 27, 2018

November News: Fighting The Urge.

By Steven Munn | November 7, 2018

Pain Free Body

By Steven Munn | November 6, 2018


Electric Storm.

By Steven Munn | November 6, 2018

The Anti-Crime Diet

By Steven Munn | October 31, 2018

How do you change a hardened criminal into a useful citizen? Take away his candy bars. No it isn’t a joke. It’s part of a revolutionary change in the diet of our jail and prison populations that’s taking place in at least 42 states. It’s the result of a groundbreaking-and ground-shaking-study of what happened when … Read moreThe Anti-Crime Diet


By Steven Munn | October 30, 2018

Does connecting to the Earth help heal aches, pains and stress?   Are there real health concerns in regards to the rapid growth of technology?   The health benefits are clear that connecting to the nature reduces stress and helps us feel better. But to what degree?  At Eastern Connecticut University a class of students were grounded … Read moreSTUDENTS GET GROUNDED!

Good By Nature.

By Steven Munn | October 29, 2018

We need to move forward with Nature to sur-thrive the craziness of this digital age. Also vital to know the GOOD of where we came from. In this video excerpt from my work on Pain Free Body, (which is about how past pain and trauma from our Ancestors can contribute to current day health struggles) … Read moreGood By Nature.

The Greatest Elixir Out There…

By Steven Munn | September 28, 2018

There is no elixir out there that can equal the power of finding what it is that your meant to do here. When we tap into that power it becomes a source of nutrition and nourishment which feeds us on many levels. Not only benefits one’s self but everyone benefits when more of us connect … Read moreThe Greatest Elixir Out There…