Clearpoint Vision

By Steven Munn | June 5, 2018

  Clearpoint came from a vision I had while working at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. I experienced such deep peace, connection to community and a orientation to a more gentle way of being. One that’s not so rushed, hectic and forced. A way of living that allows life to unfold and has an … Read moreClearpoint Vision

Power of Story at TheeFontein.

By Steven Munn | April 29, 2018

  In Shannon’s words. Ahm, when you go to the latrine in the night, be careful of the great golden snake who likes to curl behind the door to stay warm. “Oh. Okay. Is the.. is the great golden snake poisonous?” “Oh yes!” We were staying in the South African desert home of Antoinette and … Read morePower of Story at TheeFontein.

Live Your Calling. There is NO WHY!!

By Steven Munn | April 25, 2018

Connect like a lightening rod to your vision. To be massively successful in any business an obsession must come over you. You must be consumed by your vision. To eat and breathe it. A mans purpose and vision must come before all else to gain respect. A woman is attracted to a man with a … Read moreLive Your Calling. There is NO WHY!!


By Steven Munn | April 6, 2018

Experience more aliveness through nature! SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AFTERNOONS. 2-6PM. $97PP Hike & Forest Bath  45-90 Minute Learn to approach nature in a way that promotes mindfullness and peace. The forests of Stafford Springs offers a variety of hiking choices like the Mt Laurel Sanctuary with wide level paths for a slow and easy hike or … Read moreNATURE SPA DAY!

A Polar Plunge

By Steven Munn | March 8, 2018

Here’s a little fun we had this winter.

Family Constellations Workshop

By Steven Munn | February 21, 2018

Healing our family of origin. An introductory workshop. “Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.” – Saint Teresa of Avila We often face issues not belonging to us but family of origin entanglements and identifications. Through  family constellations balance, respect, dignity … Read moreFamily Constellations Workshop

Zoa And The Fawn

By Steven Munn | November 20, 2017

Orders for: Zoe And The Fawn Book Shannon McCarthy Gift Set  Set includes: 4 Zoe And The Fawn Cards                   1 Print of Happy Birthday Hummingbird                           1 Book             … Read moreZoa And The Fawn

A Tree In Every Heart.

By Steven Munn | May 10, 2017

A few years ago we were traveling throughout South Africa documenting ancient healing traditions. We were told to visit a Griqua Healer, who had an intuitive gift to see and offering healing with his hands. He lived in the heart of the South African veld, which is a vast open land, bearing grass, bushes, shrubs and … Read moreA Tree In Every Heart.

10 Sauna Tips For Beginners.

By Steven Munn | October 7, 2016

What you do in a Finnish Styled Sauna and what not to do? The Finnish have woven the sauna into the fabric of their culture like known one else. As we go along I’m sure we’ll be adopting our own codes of conduct. Here are ten tips direct from the Finns. Sauna is good for everybody. … Read more10 Sauna Tips For Beginners.

The Tapping Solution Comes out of ClearPoint!

By Steven Munn | September 1, 2016

Excited to be a featured EFT/Tapping Expert in this Film and also host the retreat which the film revolves around. Such promise in a simple yet powerful process for releasing physical and emotional pain.