Care of the Soul in Everyday Life.

I love this book! Care of the Soul in Everyday Life by Thomas Moore.

He writes, “Each organ of the body has its own private life and you might say, personality, that takes pleasure in its activities. Like if my colon is unhappy, and if I could attend to its complaint I might begin to understand what was making it uneasy, or, so to speak, ‘dis-easy.'”

What got me was this deeper insight that organs take pleasure in their activities. Of course they do, our organs are much more than mere mechanical pumps and filters. Seeing the heart only as a mechanical pump or as a muscle is extremely narrow and this kind of thinking would contribute greatly to heart disease. We must address matters of the heart and also seek out what brings us pleasure; what fires up our organs!

This leads to a great question:

What is it that brings us pleasure?

How about being more mindful around what lights us up and bring us pleasure?

I just asked myself this question and it prompted me to action. I find massages to be deeply relaxing, I also love to bike ride and go kayaking. So I’m making sure that I’m fitting these three activities into my schedule.

Shannon decided to join a softball team to enjoy playing on a sports team, which she loves to do but hasn’t in years.

How about you? We would love to hear about what pleases you in life!

3 thoughts on “Care of the Soul in Everyday Life.”

  1. I love to eat healthy food (no GMO) and drink clean water (without fluoride)
    I love nature and feeling of freedom that nature provides
    all to do with beauty in life, flowers, gardens, mountains, and beautiful country side, I love Poland – my country. I like people of wisdom, gentle and kind to each other and animals.
    I love meaningful work, I love to work with my hands, love to be creative
    Funny, I don’t do much of what I love. You made me think..thanks

  2. Hi Steve,

    I love knitting, I’ve been doing it for over 20 years, and its very satisfying to create beautiful sweaters. I also love dancing, its so much fun. I enjoy the arts, including music, visual, theater. I also enjoy being on the beach (not a sun worshipper), being by the water is soothing to my soul. I am an animal lover, when I see a dog, we connect at the heart level. Just thinking about love nourishes me. I look forward to meeting my soul mate in this current chapter in my life. I also enjoy social activities and meeting new people.

    Hope this is helpful,


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