Clarity Rules: Born from Aliveness.


Can too much pleasure and stimulation be a bad thing?

We come wired with a Aliveness system, but misuse of this system, through overstimulation and chasing endless pleasure, can lead to feeling a bit dull and empty.

According to brain imaging research and the work of Dr. Archibald Hart, clinical phycologist and expert in behavioral psychology, overstimulating thrills actually highjack our brains pleasure system and robs our ability to experience pleasure in simple things.

Pleasure in simple things is ALIVENESS.

Overstimulation eventually desensitizes and can addict a person. I have met children and some adults that are so accustomed to the intensity of videos that they cannot appreciate the subtle wonder of walking in the woods.

There are many things today that are designed to hook us and create compulsive behaviors.

Most processed food is designed to hook us into craving more. People don't run out to Cumberland Farms at midnight for broccoli, it's that pint of ice cream that calls our name. It's the perfect ratio of sugar, fat and salt that over stimulates the brain into screaming for more.

Getting more “likes” on Facebook is not much different. It stimulates the dopamine centers in the brain which creates a compulsion to check our feed. 

If Clarity is a priority for you, the hooks have to be kept in check.

There's nothing inherently wrong with enjoying ice cream and social media, but keep in mind that there's a war going on for our attention and consumption. In the history of mankind, never before has there been more success with hacking into the human mind and controlling behavior.

Too much reliance on technology and artificial living can dull one into a slumber, its steals away our self reliance and even our blood flow. 

The number one Clarity Rule is: Get Grounded.

Cardiologist Dr. Steve Sinatra says, "when we ground to Earth Energy the blood starts to flow more like red wine instead of catsup"

That's why GROUNDING is so vital. And that can be as simple as taking your shoes off, setting the smart phone down and walking barefoot on the earth. At the base of our soles are 1500 nerve endings per square inch, every major organ of the body is stimulated and you're rebalancing the bodies bio-electric rhythms through absorption of negatively charged electrons that coat the earths surface.

We must take time to dock into and recharge with Earth Energy. This will make us available for deeper clarity, aliveness and joy.

Clarity is born from connecting to real things and the simple pleasures that offer a true sense of aliveness.

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