Coaching Sessions

Discovering and actualizing purpose in one's life is a personal journey, that can make the difference between emptiness and ultimate satisfaction.

I want to offer you specific guidance on gaining the clarity and resolve to actualize your purpose in life.

Clearing sessions are designed to discover and dissolve barriers between you and the power to manifest your hearts deepest longing. The body mind matrix is like a television set and there’s a broadcast coming in, unresolved life experiences create ALOT of static, where the broadcast from our higher self can't get through.

My clearing sessions are designed to clear the static and help you get a breakthrough in your work, relationship(s) or health.

Why me?

I have spent my life cultivating my skills and knowledge in response to lifelong purpose to serve people and their joy.

I’m especially inspired to serve people who help other people.

I am an internationally certified health coach with eighteen years experience.

I walk my talk and helped hundreds of people get to a happier place at my Clearpoint Center.

No cost, twenty minute conversations with Steve are available now for a limited time.

Send Steve an email at 


What to expect from an initial conversation?  Ninety percent of the success of any coaching relationship happens because of the synergy between client and coach. We start through getting to know each other and listening to what your most pressing issue is. From there we see if theirs a good fit.

Clearing sessions are offered both in person and virtually.

Over Skype or Zoom:

60 Minutes for $125 or a block of 3 Sessions for $300.

In Person at Clearpoint:

90 minutes for the first visit. $175.

Follow up sessions in person are 60 minutes for $125.

Military, Seniors, First Responders, and Students Receive additional 10% off.

Here's a video testimonial of a recent Clearing Session(s) that resulted in major relief from Chronic pain.

I just wanted to fill you in on the good stuff that's happened since our session. I've gotten five new judging jobs that I wasn't contracted to do, and my books have suddenly been selling really well!

-Ann Jameison Author & Professional Writer

“I can’t believe how different it is now compared to before when I was ill with nerves and totally avoided these things. I had to present two procedure documents (that I wrote) to my whole department, and it went brilliantly!! I felt pretty confident, hardly nervous at all and I made several jokes during the presentation and at the end people thanked me and said I am really good at presenting and I know how to keep them awake and entertained. I am on cloud nine!!!- KT

“When I met Steve Munn three months ago, I was feeling off balance emotionally.  He has helped me feel strong, positive, and grounded. Steve is wise, smart, caring, and a great addition to my life. -Randy Martin, Investment Advisor