Clearpoint Vision


Clearpoint came from a vision I had while working at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY. I experienced such deep peace, connection to community and a orientation to a more gentle way of being. One that’s not so rushed, hectic and forced. A way of living that allows life to unfold and has an inherit level of trust and harmony. I knew that I could not stay at Omega forever and that I wanted to practice what I learned while living in a Village. It’s pretty easy to find a enlightened way of being on the mountaintop but how about in the village and while engaged in the market place?  Could I operate peacefully? Could I accept my neighbors and learn to live in harmony with all walks of life?

Life at ClearPoint has exceeded my highest expectations. When I first opened I had very few friends, I knew a lot of people but didn’t have deep friendships. I was moving in an entirely new direction professionally and had to operate on faith that things would work out. I knew that I wanted to share in the growth of Clearpoint with a special lady in my life and at some point start a family even though I was 37 years old at the time. Many people told me it would never work, I was naive and foolish and one day I would return to my old business. I received a card that said, “leap and the net will appear”. At times I felt lots of fear, but I jumped anyways. At times I wasn’t sure if the net was going to appear but it did and today my life has been totally transformed.

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