Connect with your vision with Fire Ceremonies.

As I sat around a Fire Ceremony in the heart of the South African Karoo with author of The Presence Process Michael Brown, I realized the fire ceremony’s power. Michael said that real change and lessons come from being with the fire and watching it intently. He also said our people was given TV way to early, before we got our own vision we were given Television. Sitting in ceremony with fire is a way to connect to your own vision. It may also be a way for you to offer prayers, worship and let the Universe know that your witnessing its presence.

See a memory!


Not only did the fire ceremony (see a memory) offer lessons and insights, it showed me that I can maintain and find my center even amidst change and stress.



The fire became my focal point and the ceremony opened a portal into this world that showed me that GOD is listening and that the universe is aware of my own and our collective presence.

You must take time to notice your world, honor your existence and discover your own vision. Don’t let the man made world offer its manufactured visions. Don’t get to caught up in other peoples visions you must discover your own. Sitting in ceremony and being with fire offers a chance to connect with your own vision and maybe even with the memory of who and what you are.

We have a Fire Ceremony coming up at ClearPoint Saturday Oct 29 4-8pm. Click here for details.

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