Earth Prayers Fire Ceremony.

Saturday, October 19

Most suffering and anxiety that we experience is rooted in the errant notion that we are separate or alone in the world without support. We forget that we have the power and resources to choose lives that are in alignment with who we really are and that bring us joy. By coming back into right relationship with the earth, we have the opportunity to feel viscerally connected in to a supportive force much larger than us.
Shamans see the earth, and all of life, as alive and often elements of the world around us are personified.  In Peru the earth is often referred to as PachaMama – the great mother of us all.  Learning to work with the element of earth is the foundation of learning to work with the forces of nature.  We want to come back into right relationship with the world around us and remember our original nature.
We will work with these living elements and learn to co-create a life that serves your highest purpose.
  • Set powerful intentions
  • Alchemize old patterns and pains into power by working with Fire
  • Learn to lead a Fire Ceremony in your community

Program is led by Natalie Griffin from Inspired Earth.

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Fire Ceremony
4:30 – 7

White Bean Chili and fresh baked artisan bread will be served after ceremony.

$20 covers food, facilities, expert guidance and a transformational expereince.

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Check out my video interview with Natalie.

Part One of the Interview with Natalie Griffin:

Part Two of the Interview with Natalie Griffin:

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