Tapping into PTSD and Back Pain Relief.

This is such an inspiring story from the Tapping Solution Retreat, filmed at ClearPoint. One of the film’s subjects was Jon, a Vietnam veteran who had been suffering from severe PTSD for more than 30 years.

Jon’s daily life had become unsustainable to a degree most non-vets can hardly imagine. In addition to chronic back pain and diabetes from Agent Orange exposure, which had led to three mini-strokes, PTSD had ravaged Jon’s emotional and family life. Suffering deep-seated guilt at having killed so many Vietnamese, Jon’s kind, gentle demeanor had long ago turned grumpy and irritable. For years, Jon’s kids had systematically avoided him, afraid of dad’s angry reactions to the everyday noises they might make moving around their own home. His wife also reported that Jon had stopped smiling and never laughed.

During the four-day Tapping retreat, for the first time in 15 years Jon’s back pain went away. He also realized that he’d been depriving himself of a happy home life because of his guilt about hurting so many Vietnamese families. Since fighting in the war, in fact, Jon had been regularly returning to Vietnam as a volunteer, often staying away from home for weeks and months at a time. For years, he’d hoped that the time he spent helping the Vietnamese would eventually make up for the many lives he’d been forced to take during the war. Sadly, his volunteer time there never seemed to be enough. The pain of his guilt had remained just as intense, year after year.

After the Tapping retreat, however, Jon finally felt free, no longer weighed down by guilt. For the first time in years, he began enjoying being at home with his wife and kids, all of whom were amazed and thrilled by the changes in his mood and demeanor. While Jon continued traveling to Vietnam as a volunteer, he did so for shorter periods of time so he could return home to spend more time with his own family.

Thanks to the Tapping retreat, Jon also recovered completely from his phobia of rats, which he’d encountered in Vietnam during the war and his volunteer trips. By the end of the Tapping retreat, Jon’s rat phobia, which had haunted him deeply since the war, was so thoroughly resolved, he was able to hold a rat in his lap without experiencing any anxiety or stress.

However obvious it may be that Tapping changed Jon’s life, there’s no denying that he’s one veteran among millions. So many veterans and their families have tried multiple PTSD treatments over months and then years, only to be disappointed — again. I understand why, after so much heartbreak and frustration, people who haven’t tried Tapping remain skeptical about how well it works on PTSD in veterans.

The fact is, though, Jon is one of thousands of veterans who have recovered from PTSD with Tapping. As of the writing of this post, The Stress Project has treated 2,126 veterans with PTSD using EFT Tapping. That number, however, is truly the tip of the proverbial iceberg, a tiny shadow of the immense, wide-scale healing that’s possible for long-time PTSD sufferers.

If you know a veteran suffering from PTSD, I hope you’ll send them the link to this post and urge them to contact The Stress Project, which offers six free Tapping sessions to qualifying veterans.

Please take action! Thousands of veterans and their families are suffering enormously every single day. We owe it to each other and them to spread the word about EFT Tapping!

For a more complete article by Nick Ortner on EFT, PTSD and help for Vets Tap Here!

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