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Fire in The Belly: Exploring The Art of Transformation.

October 6, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


It is Fire Season in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to connect more deeply with that space within.

“Instead of connecting to our inner vision, we’ve been given television”-Michael Brown

Our world is experiencing a lot of division, there’s overstimulation, stress and tiny traumas impacting the quality of our lives. It’s driving more people away from their own internal guidance and intelligence. We’ve been given access to unlimited opportunities, access and choice, yet many are struggling to find happiness and a real connection in this modern world.

All this excitement, stimulation and movement is knocking a lot of us off balance. To find our ground we must treat ourselves with more rest, self care and honing our abilities to listen and align with the rhythms of the elements and seasons.

We come together to explore and practice..

Caring for radiant warmth and transformative potential that resides in our bellies
Practicing Self Care. How to integrate more into our busy lives?
Connecting to your purpose and footpath
Releasing the Tiny Traumas of modern living that will awaken dormant aspects of our being and nervous system
Social Intelligence and keeping the inner warmth of humanity alive as we merge humans and machine
Taking time out for you to ground, center and rejuvenate

Great opportunity for caregivers, teachers, coaches, creators and transformational leaders.

How do we birth forward a more mature and vibrant modern human. One who is socially intelligent and keeping the inner warmth of their humanity alive?

Fire in The Belly. Tiny Traumas
Is it time to take time out to shake off the stressors of modern day living?

Join Steve Munn in a Talk Free Process (there’s no need to get into any details, everything in it’s proper place at the proper time) that incorporates Natures Elements and activating genetically wired ways to reduce the effects of tiny traumas and stressors of the modern age.

This is for caregivers, teachers, coaches and transformation business leaders that want to

learn ways of being a healthy and vibrant modern human the embraces nature’s intelligence and learns to thrive in both work and life

Take time out for you on a consistent basis for self care and rejuvenation.

Meet in a Sacred Space and region that has been infused by healing energies and intentions that go back over centuries

Feel more aliveness and a grounded sense of energy. Where you become the eye of the storm instead of caught up in the crushing winds of turbulent times

Each session be introduced and immersed in Elements that awaken dormant energy within the nervous system

6 week Series starts on December

Each session is 2hrs. Cost is $45 per session or $35 if you book entire course in advance.

Meet at Clearpoint Center.

We will be visiting all the elements


What if focusing on talk therapy first is completely WRONG when it comes to healing from Trauma?

What if Trauma doesn’t even start with you?

Learn how you can release Trauma and Tension without having to get into the gory details. And without ALL the emotional pain.

It’s key that we learn to literally “shake” off tension and stress in our bodies neurology BEFORE we talk about it. Talking about it first is like circling the wagons, it may look like you’re getting somewhere but your kicking up a lot of dust and getting no where. If this piece is missing the command centers of the brain gets a lot of static and stinking thinking.

Following the intelligence in the body FIRST offers clearer thinking, receptivity and enhanced perception that leads to greater resilience and results.

Promises to offer relief from:

Disturbing emotions from mild upset to severe anxiety
Trauma caused by accident, disasters, divorce, or loss

A powerful way to discharge everyday stress and tension

Who is this for?

Care for the Caregiver. A quick and easy way to recharge your own batteries.

Highly Sensitive Person. So vital to take time to comedown naturally from these overstimulated times.

Men who are resistant to talking

Those that have tried everything and are open to something old

Social Workers, Therapist and Caregivers

Lets look at nature based methods and see how our furry friends deal with stressors like….BEING EATEN ALIVE. Thankfully they have a built in system (so do we) to deal with a highly intense experiences; they start to tremor and shake to down regulate their overexcited bodies. They also do this while being connected to the earth’s subtle healing vibes.

Learn the:

mechanics of body tremors
specific stretches that open pathways
Basic body elements and how they interact in the body
the science behind grounding into earth energy
and much more 


Steve Munn is the Founder of Clearpoint Center for Holistic Art and Science which is based in Connecticut. He is the creator of Talk Free Trauma Release. Steve is also a husband and a father who was raised in an alcoholic family that suffered from trauma and abuse.


A word from Steve:

I focus on healing the tiny traumas and upsets in life. The ones that accumulate over time and can make us sour on our selves and with life. A divorce, loss of employment, driving in traffic, an accident or injury, dealing with an angry spouse or boss, the divided political landscape, feelings of alienation, feeling stuck etc

Think of a cat purring while sitting on your lap, an excited bride or groom about to be married, a mother trembling after she just gave birth, a young baseball player before a big game. There was most likely a tremor or shake present.

Shaking is a good thing. It’s a natural way to experience the ups and downs of life. It is often a sign that we’re growing and expanding into life.

Gently activating tremors in the body is also a beautiful process that can resolve the past pain and trauma, possibly even trauma we’ve carried forward from our ancestors. Tremors tap into the most primitive regions of the brain, where our memories are subconscious and pre-verbal. Prematurely getting into the story of your trauma can actually inhibit the healing process.

I like the cat purring concept and the possibility that activating tremors can assist us into more BEing.


October 6, 2018
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Steve Munn


Clearpoint Center
259 East St
Stafford Springs, CT 06076 United States
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(860) 684-3994