Fat is my friend!

Boy has fat been demonized in our culture. We’re fat phobic.

Even though for a large part of our human existence fat has been highly prized and still is today. Consider that some of the highest prices you’ll pay at the grocery store is high quality fats like pasture raised butter, extra virgin olive oil, raw coconut oil, sesame oil.

Fat builds our 7 billion cells so it obviously important! It’s builds our brains and it stores energy.

Fat offers protection! It protects our vital organs by encapsulating toxins. We carry extra fat to feel more grounded and anchored to the world, fat offers protection  and insulates us. Fat even protects us from feeling intense emotions.

150 years ago it was only the poor people that were skinny. If you had meat on your bones it meant you were well fed. You also needed that fat for leaner days. Fat stores energy. Some of the most powerful healers that I know are heavy set.

You and I could not exist or thrive if it wasn’t for FAT!!

Love your FAT!

If you do what you don’t need might just fall away effortlessly.


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