Good By Nature.

We need to move forward with Nature to sur-thrive the craziness of this digital age. Also vital to know the GOOD of where we came from. In this video excerpt from my work on Pain Free Body, (which is about how past pain and trauma from our Ancestors can contribute to current day health struggles) I share about a meeting with an extraordinary man, Paul John MyBurgh, in South Africa. Paul lived, for a total of seven years, with the last Wild Bushman tribes. What I learned changed how I perceive our basic nature.

To learn more about Paul and one of the greatest books of all time, The Bushman Winter Has Come, go here:

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  1. Being an elder is cool. I love living in Sebastopol CA small town much like CT. Lots of old hippies here I fit in well. Have an urge to visit FL Jamaica Cuba. May teach English in Cuba 2020. I live in the country can grow weed on the compound. Using it for healing others.


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