9/4/16 Harmonic Body: Joyful Singing for Everyone.

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James McCarthy



Would you like to experience deepened joy with your singing?

Do you wish to expand your vocal skills?

Do you have judgement of yourself with singing?




You will expand your vocal skills, comfort and joy with singing with this afternoon workshop.  Singing is an in-to body experience and through gentle opening and raucous fun this workshop will bring your musical self to a new level.

Part singalong, part movement and part cognitive science.

In The Harmonic Body, James McCarthy weaves together his training in body awareness from Tai Chi and other Asian forms, he shares lessons gained from his mentor Frank Baker as well as teachers as Ysave Bardwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock.

You will walk away with various understandings of how the body can enhance and even transform the awareness of your voice and its resonance.

Who should attend?

If you need to release judgment about your voice
If you want to experience greater comfort, confidence and more FUN with singing
If your a Professional Musician or Music Teacher

Open to ages 16 – Methuselah

Designed to meet the learning singer at their own level.

When: Sunday September 4

Time: 1-5pm

Cost: $45

Reserve your spot. Sign up today!

About James McCarthy:

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Jim received his masters in education from Harvard in 1986. He is a Master Teaching Artist working in the Hawaii Public Schools and Arts in education for the past twenty years. One of the founding faculty for two schools, a large private school in Virginia and the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability in Hawaii. In 2015 he was named Irishman of the year by the city of Honolulu.

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