Healthy Teeth, Healthy Body

Shannon went to the dentist today and she asked, “What is it that makes plaque? Does it have anything to do with our diet?” Her response was “sugar and carbs”. I would add that it’s simple carbs that cause problems. Not all carbs are created equal.

I’ve heard this all before and I’m sure that you have too, it just landed at a deeper level tonight. If sugar and simple carbs cause plaque on teeth it must also be causing plaque internally.

Shan and I have experimented with many dietary theories from Atkins to Raw Living Foods. The nutritional practice that continues to prove itself and resonate with me most is that of the renowned dentist Weston A Price.

Dr. Price traveled the globe studying the dietary habits of indigenous cultures. What he discovered by studying dental health is that when simple carbs, sugar and processed foods were introduced into the diet, health declined. It even changed bone structure. Faces became more narrow and crowding of teeth became more prevalent with in a generation or two.

Dr. Price’s body of work is one of the most extensive in the field of nutrition. You can learn more about it here.

On a personal note, my mom Sandy had a really big sweet tooth and worried a lot. One of her big worries was the dreaded high cholesterol myth. So she scorned most protein and fats and embraced a high carb lifestyle. She also had trouble with digestion.

My mom died way too early at the age of 63 from Ovarian Cancer. Her dental health was always an issue. I think it was a precursor for trouble ahead. A high sugar and processed food diet combined with slow digestion is a recipe for dis-ease. High quality protein and fats are our friends not our enemy.

There is so much confusion on nutrition and optimal health. I hope this offers some clarity!

Clearly yours,  Steve Munn

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