Migrane and a stomach ache gone in 15 minutes..

She looked sick. She was slumped over holding her head in between her hands. I asked what was going on? She said, “I have a migraine and a stomach ache.” We we’re at a camp that challenged us to move beyond our fears and to look at life as though we only had a short amount of time left and how would we live differently. We just went through an intense process were we video taped a message to our loved ones, it was meant to convey our last words and thoughts. Just before leaving for the camp she got word that her mother has cancer. She felt torn as to whether she should be home with her mom or at this camp. Guilt had overcome her and it was making her sick. I asked her if she would like try something that may help her feel better. I introduced her to EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and we started tapping on acupressure points located on the face and torso, while addressing this feeling of guilt and what came up during the video message. In a short amount of time color returned to her face, she felt lighter and I could see a  smile. Her pain went away. She was now free from the overwhelming feeling of guilt and had more clarity on how to work with her situation. End. We live in times of great emotional intensity and overwhelm. Negative emotions and there impact are hardly recognized by mainstream medicine, yet unresolved emotions and chronic stress contribute to 90% of modern day illness, pain and disease. It is vital to follow the intelligence of nature, listen to the signals from our bodies and process emotions that don ‘t serve the highest good.

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