Historic Autumn Blizzard of 2011

November 9, 2011 Storm Update:

Trees bearing the weight of wet snow.


We were without power for eight days and still have no internet. Funny- when traveling to South Africa, we were told that we would be unplugged at some point.





The day we were unplugged just happened to be the day after some scholars of the Mayan Calendar said it ended. Makes me pause and smile. Is this a preview of coming attractions or was this it?

Either way, this storm taught me a few things. I can live with less. A wood stove, dry wood, access to local water supplies, some stored food and community pulled us through just fine. Many people were left with no gas, no food, no cash, no water and little connection to community. Glad that wasn’t me.

Make sure that your gas tanks are filled, cash on hand, always have extra water, extra food, alternative ways to heat, to cook (besides electric) and get out and meet your community.

I created an online photo album of the storm. You can view it by clicking here.

Main route to town blocked off.









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