Surprisingly loving this diet and getting great results.

I’ve never been that excited about diets but this one rocks. My skin has improved, no seasonal allergy’s and 10lbs have melted off my waist. I’ve had an area on my neck that hasn’t healed in over two years and no matter what I was doing my belly fat was still there. I actually have a four pack now and I don’t work out that much.

The best part is I feel really satisfied and nourished. There is a time commitment involved and a learning curve in the kitchen, with learning how to prepare meals in a more traditional way. The program is based on the GAPS diet. When you look it up it may seem a bit overwhelming.We’re working on simplifying it.

This isn’t for everyone it’s a pretty serious commitment to healing.

See our blog for more details and the mouth watering meals that we’ve been making

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