Kirtan Weekend is a Game Changer

This past week has been fantastic. We hosted the wonderful Kirtan Artists Joni Allen and Mike Cohen.

The week was filled with plenty of great food, conversation and laughs. Not to mention some top notch somatic body work and coaching from Mike. Mike has been working with us to align our bodies with our commitments and to relieve the built up tension in the body. You know how many of us can say one thing and do another?

It’s basically because our bodies are not in alignment with what is most important to us. Most of us carry around a lot of tension and the body develops armor for protection. I think this inhibits our ability to receive inspiration and creativity. If the body is full of tension it is like a radio signal full of static. As Dr. Bernie Siegel says, “our lives are stored in the body”.

The Kirtan concert was a full scale production with Roger Ingraham directing and filming for a promotional piece, Jason Gannon with his sophisticated audio recording devices and Mr. Doug Larson on sound.

Scott and I helped to create a magical setting. Heather helped Shannon in the kitchen and with greeting our guests. It was great to have everyone offer up their unique talents. This is our third Kirtan Concert and it seemed to sink in even deeper. It is always great to see and feel party-cipitants as they emerge from the experience a bit brighter with hearts more open.

The workshop on Sunday was a game changer for ClearPoint. The past few years we have been experimenting with residents living with Shannon and I. One of the challenges have been to discover a shared practice that we can all resonate with. It has also been a challenge to discover our unique roles and create solid commitments and requests with each other.

Mike first helped to soften us up and create presence with leading us in some Kirtan. Joni sang her new song “Saraswati Ma” and it melted my heart; I cried like a baby. I love a good release and being moved like this. I’m not one that easily cries.

We dived right into some writing exercises that led us into what is most important to us. We then partnered up to do some somatic body exercises that demonstrated how our bodies are responding to our commitments. With some practice the words and body alignment became more congruent. We started to stand in our power.

After some class discussion it was time for High Tea.

It was so fun as both men and women sat down for Shannon’s Tea Party. We played around with some toasts while sticking our little finger out.

The food was scrumptious and the presentation was like being at an Alice in Wonderland scene. Shannon is just so radiant. With a Tea Party it is all about presentation, beauty and being exquisite. Scott shared that noticing every detail, taking our time to enjoy the food and eating together builds connection like nothing else.

I would have to agree, being a former Army cook, nothing brings people together like food. It is said that an Army runs on its stomach. We are now working on building a new army, one that fires love pellets and opens hearts. (: Here is the group that is now armed with the knowledge to rapidly manifest what is most important to them through conversation for action.

Conversations for Action Group Shot, May 2011


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