Experience more aliveness through nature!


Hike & Forest Bath 

45-90 Minute

Learn to approach nature in a way that promotes mindfullness and peace. The forests of Stafford Springs offers a variety of hiking choices like the Mt Laurel Sanctuary with wide level paths for a slow and easy hike or enjoy a more vigorous hike through the famous Stafford Springs Well Houses.

Rejuvenating Facial and Sauna session

Scrub away the old flaky skin and reveal a softer and smooth looking skin. Learn more about caring for your unique skin type and experience a seven step process that keeps your skin hydrated and more radiant. Done through entirely natural means that is based in the ancient beauty secrets of Ayurveda, simple enough to do from home. Gentle enough for all skin types.

Finnish Style Sauna

Melt away stress and deeply relax through the power of steam, heat, scent and sound. This is a gentle sauna experience in a spacious outdoor sauna house wearing a bathing suit.

Nourish the Soul with Good Food

Fruit, water and snacks served throughout.

Homemade Vegetable Soup and Fresh Baked Bread.

Or special occasion cake and tea party.

We want to make it special and can customize to your parties needs.

Catering to small groups 4 to 8 participants.

Pricing: $97 pp

Beauty Care:

Time to Practice and Appreciate the Art of Healthy Living.

What makes Nature Cure Vitality Day unique is that it’s a experiential learning environment where your body is bathed in the five elements, your heart is lifted with song and prayer and the soul is nourished with good food. It’s six hours of interactive and experiential fun that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Experience stress busting strategies and deep healing with Dr. Joe Breton and Steve Munn. Integrate wisdom from the world’s most revered healing traditions with today’s modern applications.


Earthing (or Grounding) considered one of the greatest health discovery’s of our time. Learn how Nature’s original anti-inflammatory – the Earth itself – can remedy electron deficiency and improve your health, reduce pain and re-balance the body.

Sweat Therapy.  Dr. Breton has extensive knowledge and experience with Sauna Therapy. You will experience a beautiful ceremonial sauna and vapor bath that is infused with healing scents and energy. Experience songs, sound and the healing traditions behind Sweat Therapy.

Emotional and Physical Pain Relief. Reduce pain quickly and naturally.

Nature Cure Movement.  Join the movement that offers combative as well as preventative treatments that when properly applied align with your bodies innate abilities to heal.

Nutritional Cleansing. Discover safe and effective ways to reduce the impact of our toxic world and how to rejuvenate your body for long lasting health and vitality.

Community.  We are social beings and live in relationship with each other and the earth. Humanity is suffering with growing isolation and alienation. Experience the power of unity with a small group in a beautiful and inspiring setting.

Steve at the One Night Show 2010

Steve Munn

Steve is the founder of Clearpoint Center and has been hosting and running transformative health retreats for the past 15 years. He is trained as a  Food Service Specialist, Business owner, certified Holistic Health Coach, and an internationally recognized expert in EFT/Tapping. He is an enthusiastic Health Motivator that is sure to get you going.


Joe Breton

Dr. Breton is a licensed Naturopathic Physician for 20 years.  Simple, yet powerful medicine exist within nature for our healing and vitality. Long lasting health is Dr. Breton’s shared goal with you for a rich life of wholeness and happiness.

Time With Water

Time With EARTH

Time With Fresh Air.

Time With Good Food and People

Time With Sacred Spaces

stacked tea cups


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