Isagenix Wellness Programs

Clearpoint has partnered up with Isagenix to offer complete nutritional systems to assist the body in releasing weight, gaining muscle and improving mental fitness. What makes these programs great is that they taste good, are complete balance of nutrients and are made doable.

According to Dr. Depak Chopra when embarking on a health program odds of success are 24% alone, with a group 57% and with three friends 66%.

So round up some friends, co-workers or with your partner and make a commitment to your health today. Contact Steve for a complementary consultation to see which program is the best fit for you.

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Our story:

When my wife and I were first dating she was struggling with weight. She was trying everything and nothing was working. In a short amount of time weight just melted off her body and to her, it was easy. This has turned a lot of heads and people wanted to know what Shannon was doing. I also found a lot more energy and mental clarity. We started to share Isagenix with others and have seen many wonderful results. It’s a great program for busy people on the go who desire a step by step system.


Professionals at Paradiso Insurance Get Lean and Healthy!

ClearPoint/ Isagenix Health Challenge!

Paradiso Insurance lost over 73lbs as a group of seven. There was more energy, a healthier glow and even more team work.





Kate lost 10.5lbs in the Isagenix Office Challenge


It was a wonderful experience and its amazing the transformation I’ve gone through physically and mentally! I wish I had started the cleanse prior to starting the semester off…i think the new found energy and all around feeling of being cleansed could have helped me during my lethargic period!

The reason why this works is because it is a TEAM effort. Im proud to say I am part of Team Clear Point Center with Steven Munn. Steve is a great coach to have, one email or phone call away which helps incredibly. -Kate P



“I lost 7 pounds, my skin looks brighter and my hair even looks happier”

“Through this time to practice going inside without being able to distract my mind and body with food and alcohol has really changed me. First, I never made it this far before.  I always quit.  Because of my success here, I am free to change the story.  I can do it.  I have done it.  And I did not give up on myself.  Secondly, I learned that so many other things nourish me. Dancing while loading the dishwasher, headphones and writing, long baths, connecting with friends, doing yoga and I learned to just sit still – and not eat.  Which for some reason eluded me to this point in my life”  Natalie G


“I can see the results in my body and on the scale”

“I can see the results in my body and on the scale. This program has been so amazing for me. It has completely overhauled my whole idea of food and the difference between eating to feel full vs. eating to feel ~no longer hungry~ and how to keep my blood sugar level” – Melissa M




“Receiving endless compliments from others”
Michele Kaplan wrote her top ten positive affects of her cleanse.
1. A LOT more energy
2. better sleep
3. weight loss
4. happiness
5. receiving endless compliments from other
6. meeting other cleansers
7. endless support
8. my clothes being too big lol
9. brighter outlook on life
10. increase in gratitude towards everything


Shannon and her wonderful mother Karen.
“I lost 9 lbs. and over 8 inches.  I can’t believe how much better I feel and YES I did do a Happy Dance!” Shan’s mom -KK






THANK YOU to all of the coaches and other cleansers on this Summer Shape Up Series for your support, wisdom and caring. I feel AMAZING! I have more energy, confidence, and self-awareness. I know I will continue to use the skills I have learned during the start of my healthy journey with Isagenix. During the 9-Day Cleanse I was able to stop drinking caffeine. This is something that I have wanted to do for quite sometime. I have lost 10lbs and 14 inches which 2.5 inches was around my abdomen.” -Kat B Manion


“It’s day 4 and I’ve lost 9 lbs so far! The very painful lower back pains and upper legs pains I’ve been dealing with for quite a while are mostly gone. I feel more energetic, can walk and stand better. Since I’m having far less pain my mood’s better, and I’m more sociable and talkative. Is it possible that the way I was eating before actually caused my aches and pains?”  -Bert S


“What you guys do is awesome- inspire and support!”
“My experience on this cleanse has been amazing.  It has opened my eyes to the emotional reason’s that keep me struggling to lose weight. I’ve gained increased energy and I’ve lost some pounds and inches.  I feel inspired to seek out the best life possible for myself on all levels. I’ve also learned many great things from the coaches” – Tara Vandenheuvel