Path is Medicine. Living Your Life’s Calling.

What am I here to do and accomplish?

Do I need to generate a new plan?

Are my actions aligned with my highest values?

Do I find myself  stuck in emotional quicksand?

Do I have the support of a friend, mentor and/or community?

The way we navigate our inner world-our everyday thoughts, emotions, experiences and self-stories -is crucial to finding success in life. The complexity and noise of the world can easily take us off track and lead to feelings that cloud our everyday interactions. Getting stuck in emotional quicksand can lead one to shrink in the face of adversity, lose sight of what matters most and get tripped up in emotional entanglements.

To find success in today's climate you need to plug into sacred space holders that can hold your vision and assist you in staying grounded, on track and in good company.

Walking your unique foot-path is about finding greater meaning, depth and vitality in life. Millennia ago, Saints in ancient Eastern traditions articulated that our dharma is our greatest protector in life, as when we’re in it, life aligns and naturally falls into place. We are safe, protected and path becomes a form of good medicine. 

This training is available as a one on one workshop or live training event.

"There is no elixir that can equal the nourishment that comes from answering your life's calling"-Steve Munn

Who is this for? Social entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, speakers, therapists, those on a healing journey, conscious parents, seekers, and those seeking deeper meaning and purpose with life.

Four Aims of Life. We will explore what the Ancient sages outlined as the goals of human kind and how to full fill human potential. At the end of your life, you will ask yourself, “Did I live this life well?” You will feel good to the degree that you balanced these four key aims of life.

Your Core Values. Are you acting in a way that supports your highest values? Having an intimate relationship with your core values will infuse your everyday choices and keep you on track even when things don't go the way you hoped.  In this module we work on identifying what's most important in your life. When you find your why, the how doesn't matter.

Emotional Agility: When we expand our capacity to feel, we expand our capacity to act. With today's ever changing terrain, the ability to manage one's thoughts and emotions is essential for success in relationships, business and life. The power of emotional agility will help you get unstuck and embrace the change needed to grow into the person you want to be.

Tiny Tweaks. Subtle and small course corrections throughout the year can lead to huge shifts in ones life and the cultivation of healthier habits that are in alignment with your core values. You start to close the gap between what you know and what you do.

The Pathway of Awareness. We do not attract what we want in life, we attract what we are. Align with the currents of manifestation and spiritual liberation. Understand and clear this pathway of trapped emotions and trauma.  Explore human psychology and the Chakra system as a path to the higher self.

The Art of Communication. Through communication we shape our future. Artful communication builds trust and has the ability to move mountains. Only through self expression does the outer world get to know what's inside of us.

Ayurvedic Principles. By becoming familiar with this timeless wisdom you promote the natural flow of energy and produce a state of optimum health and wellbeing. Explore the power of self care practices, daily rituals, aligning with seasonal intelligence, healthy living and more.

Community: What does it mean to be part of a community? Many people are suffering with growing isolation, fragmentation and alienation. Today the leading cause of disability globally is depression, the weight of this suffering affects everyone of us. It's vital to take time in community to welcome, support and care for your wellbeing. Clearpoint offers space for enrichment, inspiration and healing on the deepest of levels. Experience the power of unity with a small group in a inspiring and wholesome setting.


Paul Dunion Author Path of the Novice Mystic says

“Sometimes the seeker moves into a crisis of faith, were holding any kind of embellished vision is nearly impossible. At those times, it can be extremely beneficial for a friend or mentor to carry the vision for us until we are able to generate a new plan for creating ourselves”

Are you having a crisis of faith? We're here to hold your vision.

“The spirit of evil is the negation of the life force by fear. Only boldness can deliver us from fear. If the risk is not taken, the meaning of life is violated” -C.G. Jung

About Clearpoint:

Just like each one of us has a unique fingerprint the same is true for our foot-path. When we fall off path and lose sight of our inner purpose we often suffer and can even lead to sickness. We believe that Path is Medicine. Since 2005 Clearpoint has been a lighthouse to many fellow voyagers, to assist in illuminating the way and navigating difficult terrain through community building, emotional agility, healing and holistic health practices.