Pain Free Body Training.

Pain Free Body Training.


Tap into Your Natural Healing Force with Steve Munn.

Saturday December 15. 1-4 pm. 

About Steve:

Steve Munn is the founder of Clearpoint Center. He is a certified Health Coach and Ayurvedic Educator. His focus is on sharing Nature Based Solutions and Self Care Secrets that are both combative and restorative. 

To learn more about Steve. Watch his introduction video.



For Those That Have Tried Everything.  

Body Tapping or what’s known as EFT (emotional freedom techniques) has earned a reputation for working when nothing else does, especially when guided by an experienced practitioner.

Leave understanding:

How your body will hold onto patterns of tension and resist healing until we clear and gently process trapped emotions and trauma

The pain, brain and emotion connection

The root causes of pain that no body tells you about 

The brains negativity bias and why you must retrain the brain for positivity and healing

And more

Experience first hand the power of Body Tapping to offer fast pain relief, even on what may be considered impossible and leave with a self care Body Tapping Plan that you can do from home.

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