Act and Live with More Care for Teachers

Act and Live with More Care for Teachers


Exclusively For Teaching Professionals

Although most teachers love what they do and have a passion for sharing their knowledge, the truth is teaching has become one of the most demanding and stressful professions.

Research has shown that high teacher stress levels were usually associated with poorer student results, such as lower grades and frequent behavior problems. Chronic stress also has negative health consequences and on a cellular level this type of stress harms our immunity, brain function, decision making process, and most importantly harms the joy that should come from doing what we love.

We all need to act and live with more care. What teachers deserve are ways to help them destress on a regular basis and develop the necessary skills to better manage the stress on the job right now.



Integrating More Wholeness, Vitality and Purpose for Teachers

I want to invite you to a very special, very personal, deeply healing opportunity for a deep dive into traditional wisdom practices. Practices that offer regular de-stressing and release of mental and physical tension that builds up in our bodies. Taking inventory of and developing coping skills that build resilience, and offer opportunities for rejuvenation and connection to purpose.

Our program will focus on integrating seasonal and daily routines, holistic nutrition, stress reduction techniques and self care to slow down, stop and reverse health conditions.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

The Healing Science of Ayurveda / Emotional Health / Healing Trauma / Nourishing Traditions / Cooking / Smart Use of Technology / Raising Social Intelligence / Self Care Treatments / Community Healing

What does a session look like? 


Connect and Shake off the Stress

Teachers are welcomed with an herbal Tea that is infused with herbs from our property and a homemade treat that is wholesome. We start the session with a light stretch and grounding exercises that shakes off the stress of the week and brings us into the present moment.

11-12 noon.

Health topic of the week

12 noon – 1:30pm

Community Based Dining Experience

A nourishing meal of locally sourced plant based food. We will work together for floral arranging and creating the proper setting for an enriching dinning experience. We dine and clean up together.


Outside Time

1:30-2pm We do a fun exercise that is active but light, generates a little bit of sweat and builds endurance. When ever possible these activities will be outdoors. We close with a circle and prayer offering.

About Steve:

Steve is a husband and father of two rowdy tikes. He is the founder of Clearpoint Retreat Center and has spent his life cultivating his skills and knowledge in response to lifelong purpose to serve people and their joy. Steve offers over 15 years of experience in the world of mind-body-spirit medicine to his clients around the world, specializing in trauma release and the healing science of Ayurveda. He a certified Health Coach with the American Association for Drugless Practitioners.


About Shannon:

Shannon holds a degree in Linguistics and Classical Studies. She is the co-founder of Clearpoint and offers over fifteen years experience as a professional artist. Shannon is an extraordinary baker and loves preparing wholesome food. She is also a certified Health Coach with the American Association for Drugless Practitioners





About Clearpoint.

Clearpoint was founded in 2005 as a retreat center offering education on holistic health science and lifestyle. We hold the ground and celebrate Stafford Springs as the first health and spa destination in America. We offer Classes, Intimate Experiences, B&B stays, Rejuvenation Programs and an Inspiring Art Gallery of Shannon McCarthy’s work.

Program Cost:


Sessions are going to start on Friday, (DATE) and plan to be held on a regular basis.


New York Times Article: Human Contact is Now a Luxury Good.

How Many Teachers Are Highly Stressed? Maybe More Than People Think.



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