Reversing aging through optimal nutrition.

I have mixed feelings about the topic of Anti-Aging. There is a beauty that can shine through as one ages and I relish the golden years a time to just slow it all down. But it does seem like too many people age before their time and live a life way below their potential. Science and optimal nutrition is on the verge of a major breakthrough with reversing aging. The company that I’ve been working with for the past five years, Isagenix has recently partnered up with Dr. Bill Andrews a leading scientist in the field of Telomere research. Our Telomeres shorten as we age. There like little coils in our cells and as we age they shorten. Simple put, if you can find a way to lengthen the Telomeres the cells become healthier and the body more robust and younger.

I do desire to age slowly and maybe even live into my hundreds. But it has to be with vitality and a spring to my step.  Isagenix has really helped with this especially with low calorie shakes and occasional cleansing. I once heard that there is only one disease and two primary causes. The one disease is the breakdown of the cell and when cells breakdown all kinds of health issues will arise. The two causes to this breakdown is too much toxicity in the cells and not enough nutrients being adsorbed by our cells. Isagenix provides full body nutritional cleansing and replenishment systems that helps the body to rid itself of cellular toxicity and at the same time enhance the ability of the cells to up- take more nutrients. Make sense?

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