Sauna Therapy with Dr. Joe Breton

The healing and transformative potential of sauna baths is recognized by cultures around the globe. Recently I sat down with Dr. Joseph Breton to discuss the  curative possibilities of Sauna Therapy. Breton, a naturopathic doctor is an expert on sauna therapy practices having studied native cultures in the Americas as well as other nations.

Dr. Joe says that this is a great time to be alive as people are coming together for a blending of cultures and this unity brings more courage, harmony and the ability to transform individually and collectively. When people come together for a sweat bath or a traditional lodge they often sing, play a instrument like a flute or drum, pray and share what is on their hearts, through this practice is a connection to some of oldest and most profound ways of healing and transformation.

Links that were mentioned in the interview:

Dr. Joe recommended heaters for Saunas:

Information on the book: Sweat.


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