Health and Lifestyle Coaching. 60 Minutes $125

During this consultation we will discuss your personal concerns, objectives, time and season of life. Based on your unique needs, lifestyle practices are recommended. These may include dietary changes, self care remedies, stress management and lifestyle strategies that restore greater balance to your health and happiness in life. (in person or over the phone/ skype)


Tap with Steve. 60 Minuites $125

In person or over the phone

Also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a self care innovation that couples the Ayurvedic practice of Marma Therapy, which is stimulating energy points that are located on the body while at the same time sharing some of the details (the trials and tribulations) behind the pain or issue. This is know as Mind Body Medicine.

It is practiced with the spoken intention of eventually coming to a place of loving acceptance, forgiveness and/or peace.

Body Tapping is clinically proven to be highly effective, very safe and can even be fun. Bringing out and allowing space for humor to arise is a priority with Steve's approach.

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Talk Free Trauma Release. 60 Minutes $125.

In person only

How do you get over something that is unforgivable, unfair, or life altering? When trying to forgive, forget and move on isn’t working the only thing left is to process it. The more we try to muscle through and endure trauma, the more havoc and stress on our bodies. This is a bottom up approach where we follow the bodies lead through specific stretching exercises that are designed to reduce the effects of trauma, without engaging the limitations of ego. Find more peace, health and renewal with life. Good for self, active duty and veteran military personnel, first responders, loss and/or natural disaster survivors.

After your initial visit these exercises can be safely practiced from the comfort of home.


Guided Fire in The Belly "Aliveness" Course.

$297 / 1- 60 minute call, 3- 30 minute calls and Guidebook.

An Ayurvedic based cleanse that has been practiced for thousands of years to restore Agni, the fire element which governs all transformation. The primary function of Agni is the digestion, absorption, assimilation, and transformation of food and sensations into energy.  Designed for those that can find time to prepare simple meals at home, practice self care and rest. Includes a step by step guide, two twenty minute calls, one 60 minute call. Cleanse is seven days. Allow for 21 days to prepare, do and integrate.


Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing.

This is a great program if your on the go and don't have a lot of time to prepare meals. You desire results quickly and are ready for a transformation. Shannon and I were introduced to Isagenix over ten years ago, got fantastic results and still use their products. High quality, great taste and mouth feel, synergistic systems that rids the body of toxicity while replenishing at the same time.

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Sauna Therapy. 30 minutes $35.00.

Great for folks that need to exercise the most but either don’t like exercise or can’t. Sauna increases the circulation of blood all throughout your body — getting the blood pumping through your cardiovascular system, your muscles, your skin, your joints, your brain — so it turns out that routine sauna has many of the same health benefits that exercise does. Connect with Steve, have some tea and enjoy a Sauna. 

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About Steve

Steve Munn founded Clearpoint Center in 2005 as space to explore and practice higher living through entirely natural means. Steve is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Ayurvedic Educator and Emotional Freedom Techniques Expert. He has extensive training in Trauma Release, Personal Development and Nature Cures. The prevailing focus of his work is the integration of nutritional therapy, self care strategies and alignment with nature's intelligence  to promote healing and optimal health so that each person can fulfill their unique calling here.


Influences: Ayurveda, Sacred Art, Nature Cures, Integrative Nutrition, Energy Psychology, Mind Body Medicine and Mindfulness.