Steve’s Clearpoint Coaching

Are you a leader, teacher or coach?

Are you ready for your next level of ease, grace and flow with life?

When do you need a coach?

If you're ready to play a bigger game that causes a breakthrough towards greater impact and results in work and life, you could use a trusted guide.

What is it that keeps us from hitting our next level?

 Life is a tremendously complex and challenging game to play. With the information age there is a maze of endless choices and energy drains that can knock even the best of us off course. A good guide and mentor can lead one toward discovering a winning mindset even when things aren't going the way we believe they should.

The key is to discover flow states through emotional agility, releasing physical tension and negative self talk that keeps us from limiting our potential. What knocks most of us off path is trapped emotions that cloud thinking, poor diet choices that drain energy, addictions of all sorts, conflicted relationships and even inherited trauma that keeps one inside of a loop that repeats past pain. 

Through Clearpoint Coaching you will be guided in precise ways to raise your energy to transcend even the toughest of times so that you can walk your unique path and discover greater meaning and effectiveness in all areas of life. 

Get grounded, centered and focused on what truly matters to you, so that you can muster up the courage to accomplish YOUR deepest desires.


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Thanks Steve for playing a pivotal role in getting The Tapping Solution Film off the ground. From hosting the four day Tapping Solution retreat to serving as an EFT Expert in the film. You and Shannon both know how to hold a space for transformation to happen.

- Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution


“When I met Steve Munn three months ago, I was feeling off balance emotionally.  He has helped me feel strong, positive, and grounded. Steve is wise, smart, caring, and a great addition to my life. -Randy Martin, Investment Advisor


“I can’t believe how different it is now compared to before when I was ill with nerves and totally avoided these things. I had to present two procedure documents (that I wrote) to my whole department, and it went brilliantly!! I felt pretty confident, hardly nervous at all and I made several jokes during the presentation and at the end people thanked me and said I am really good at presenting and I know how to keep them awake and entertained. I am on cloud nine!!! - KT


Steve Munn is one of those gifted trainers who truly walks his talk. He reaches into his students and brings the very best out of them in a truly human and compassionate way.  

-David Wood, Master Trainer, Humanitarian and Social Entrepreneur


“More students got this amazing message.  Great fun watching this all unfold. Thanks for continuing to impact our future generations” -Dianne Goodale Professor of Kinesiology and Physical Education


“The world needs more of your kind of energy. Very grounding”  -Meghan Kelly


I just wanted to fill you in on the good stuff that's happened since our session. I've gotten five new judging jobs that I wasn't contracted to do, and my books have suddenly been selling really well!

-Ann Jameison Author & Professional Writer


"I experienced a deeper understanding with my relationship to food , the freedom from deciding what to eat and definitely the peace and balance that this cleanse had brought! - Alona Bauer


"Overall, your cleanse has been a defining moment in my life. I will no longer sustain my old eating habits. I am committed to eating healthy, experiencing the benefits of losing weight through better food choices" -Bo Lockwood