Does connecting to the Earth help heal aches, pains and stress?  

Are there real health concerns in regards to the rapid growth of technology?  

The health benefits are clear that connecting to the nature reduces stress and helps us feel better. But to what degree? 

At Eastern Connecticut University a class of students were grounded to the earth

and here are some responses:


“I can breath deeper and I feel less constricted and tight in my chest”
“I feel energized, before I went out I was feeling tired”
“I have no more pain in my hip, it was there all day”
“I have no more pain in my shoulder”
“I have less twitching in my eye” 
“I feel a greater sense of oneness”


Technology Takeover.

The proliferation of technology and the advancements during the information age is relatively new for our species. Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress, says that our physical bodies and our brains have changed very little over the past 50 thousand years. We've only been living in civilization for the past 5000 years. Which is less than .2 percent of our evolutionary history. The other 99.8 has been as hunter gatherers. We are the same people as those stone age hunters. What makes our lives so much different than theirs is technology has advanced exponentially causing our lives to become detached from natural evolution. We are running 21st century hardware on software that hasn't been upgraded in 50,000 years our brains haven't had the chance to adapt to the speed of life and this new environment that has been created.

The pace that this technological age has been rolled out is unprecedented.

In the past thirty years we've also rolled out across the globe cellular and wireless technologies which have dramatically shifted a planet that for billions of years only knew natural frequencies. Even people in remote villages in Africa have mobile phones, and in the jungles of Thailand natives can now watch WWF on cable TV. We have filled the atmosphere with man made electromagnetic pollution. There has never been a shift so dramatic in the history of mankind, than the one that has happened in the past forty years.

What is Electropollution?

Electropollution is a collective term for the unseen, unfelt, and unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to which we have become increasingly exposed to. The greatest experiment in humankind is being played out right now. We are now forever immersed in tele communications towers, electric grids, computers, cellular and cordless phones, Wi Fi, fluorescent lighting, appliances, microwaves and more. Scientists estimate that the average daily exposure to EMF (Electromagnetic fields) radiation is 100 to 200 million times higher than it was in previous generations. There's much that is still unknown about the effects of EMFs on the human body. What is clear is that chaotic EMFs crisscrossing our community, flooding our households, and bathing our bodies cannot be good for you.

Medical Doctors like Laura Koniver from the Intuition Physician  says, "our "New Technological Age" is creating significant discord and chaos in Human Cellular Function and a rise in inflammatory diseases"

Top Integrative Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra says, "being disconnected from the earth's healing vibes causes our blood to flow more like catsup rather than redwine"

Western medicine treats the body from a biochemical rather than a bioelectric perspective. Robert 0. Becker, author of Body Electric, writes "In western medicine bioelectric was shunned years ago and nearly ostracized from our society. While in eastern cultures and practices such as Acupuncture it is clearly understood that all the bodies systems are primarily electric and their treatments are holistic in nature. Treating the whole body rather than its parts."

We are bioelectric beings on a bioelectric planet.

Our planet surface is continually being charged by solar radiation, lighting, and heat from it's molten core and is very much electric. 8 million times a day lightning strikes its ground and all this activity creates a field of negatively charged electrons upon its surface. Our bodies have evolved with this connection, wildlife has never been disconnected from its energy source which is why you can observe such vitality and alertness in animals compared to their domesticated cousins. 

The main thing to consider with all these technologies is learning how to use them safely to reduce your exposure.

Here are 9 ways to be more Technology Wise:

Don't sleep with a cell phone ON in your bedroom.
You can turn it to airplane mode so it's not searching for a tower. New research says that when our phone searches for a signal it could be messing with the pineal gland and the production of melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant that swirls through the body at night assisting in the night time restoration and clean up of the bodies organs and functions.

Pull all un-necessary electronics out of your bedroom
Recovery and restoration at night is so crucial. Sleep is the most important thing in life. How do you think our Ancestors slept? Did we evolve being bathed in these unnatural frequencies? 

Move your headboard at least 10 inches away from the wall.
The electrical wires that run through the walls generate an electrical field and our bodies can absorb these frequencies. These wires also tend to be at the same level and close to our heads where we lie down on our beds. If you feel that your one of the growing number of electrically sensitive people you can find a way to turn off the circuit to your bedroom, this will create a more restful sleep with a natural vibe.

Switch your alarm clock to battery operated or a wind up 

Use of an Electric Blanket:
If you use an electric blanket turn it on a few hours before you go to bed, then unplug it before you get under the covers. 

Go Ethernet:
We pulled wireless internet from our house and created workstations. With young child in our lives we decided to not have a house that allows us to be plugged in 24/7 and we don't want our kids to see us glued to a screen all the time. Shannon and I tend to get carried away with researching internet. There is also growing evidence that wifi radiation can have damaging effects on brain development. This EMF radiation is thought to have a stronger effect on kids because their nervous systems are not fully developed and their skulls are not as thick as adults. Ethernet also provides a more secure and reliable connection. 

Ditch the Baby Monitors:

Baby Monitors emit really high levels of EMF radiation. If your baby is having sleepless nights, this could be a possible contributor. 

Check Your SAR rating:

When purchasing a cell phone its important to learn the specific absorption rate (SAR) for the models you're considering. SAR is a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the body. The lower the SAR of a cell phone, the better it is. Any cell phone model with a SAR level of more than 0.5 is considered high. There are at least 10 models currently on the market that have levels below 0.5-the majority of them made by Samsung. However, don't assume that any Samsung model is safe. Check its SAR rating first. 

Don't Shrink Your Energy Field, Watch Your Mood:

Another exercise that the Students did was creating a Chi “Energy” Ball to sense the electromagnetic field of their bodies. After the subtle body was awakened the students then worked on sensing the field of another student. One student was asked to share something they love in life, this will make the bodies field grow stronger, they were then asked to share something that they didn’t like about life. You can feel the energy field shrink while someone is complaining or recalling something that they don’t like.

Watch my video for more ways to reduce the Toxic Effects of Technology.

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