Talk Free Trauma Release

Release Lifes Trials and Tribulations Without Having to Talk About it!

How do you get over something that is unforgivable, unfair, or life altering?

Could you actually be stronger and healthier than you would be without experiencing any trauma at all?

Tough times can offer a powerful opportunity to transform old emotional patterns that may have been haunting you for a lifetime.


The more we try to muscle through and endure trauma, the more havoc and stress on our bodies. On a cellular level, stress absolutely changes our energy, our health, our immune system and abilities to think clearly.

Sometimes too much talk can be similar to circling the wagons, we're kicking up a lot of dust and there appears like something is happening but nothing is really happening. The ego, because it's job is protection, won't allow core issues the space to be released.

Other times we don't want to talk about it or can't even access our trauma as it might be preverbal or inherited.

I want to invite you to a very special, very personal, deeply healing afternoon at Clearpoint.


Where you'll experience:

Clearpoint methodology for healing and human evolution. A sacred environment and region that is devoted to personal and collective healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

What you need?

A water bottle
Comfortable clothing. Gym or Yoga Attire
Yoga Mat


What we provide:

  • Hydration with spring water and herbal teas
  • Guided stretches that activate a powerful healing response in the body to release deep patterns of tension and trauma
  • Sound bath from the primal beat of a sacred healing drum
  • Wisdom


My goal is to assist you in turning old traumas into more peace, health and renewal with life. After your initial visit these exercises can be safely practiced from the comfort of home.


What are the stretches?

Through specific and gentle stretches that send signals to major muscles in the body to release and let go. Once relaxed, a shake or neurogenic tremor is activated, there is nothing that needs to done but sink into the experience. By letting the body be the guide, it will naturally seek to rebalance its self and process the original event.

Why Talk Free?  Once the event is discharged, less emotional intensity is present, which leads to clearer thinking and perception. Much better to talk once your head is clear and body is calm.

About Steve Munn.

Steve offers over 15 years of experience in the world of mind-body-spirit medicine to his clients around the world, specializing in trauma release and the healing practice of grounding. He a certified Ayurvedic Educator and Health Coach with the American Association for Drugless Practitioners. He has helped thousands of people get to a happier place at his Clearpoint Center. 

To learn more about Steve. Watch his introduction video.

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