The Greatest Elixir Out There…

There is no elixir out there that can equal the power of finding what it is that your meant to do here. When we tap into that power it becomes a source of nutrition and nourishment which feeds us on many levels. Not only benefits one’s self but everyone benefits when more of us connect to that truth within.

The beauty of our world today is that we have access to so much information, the world’s knowledge is literally at our fingertips and does fuel the power to create on purpose.

The challenge for many is all this information and unlimited choice can easily lead to overwhelm, feelings of being bogged down and stressed. Even the best of us get knocked off path.  The speed of this age has ushered in an era of complexity and mental stress which often keep many of us from hearing that little voice within that is whispering and sometimes shouting for one to stay the course and don’t be knocked out of balance.

One of the major causes of imbalance today is the misuse of our five senses. You could say that for most humans the speed of technology has created a landslide of imbalance and misuse of the senses. Take sound for instance, consider how quiet things were before the combustable engine, go to a place like Old Sturbridge Village, which is a living museum based in the 1800, life was quiet and had serenity to it. Today we're exposed to noise everywhere, subtle and not so subtle. These noises produce heightened body arousal and nervous tension. Also electro-pollution, we’re exposed to 100-200 million times more unnatural frequencies in the form of Wifi, Cell phones, Microwaves, Electricity etc than our nearest ancestors. Visually we stare into screens at close range rather than gazing out into vast landscapes. 

Many of us lose our ground and connection to the earth only to live from the chin up. Which creates overthinking, living in fantasyland and not creating anything of real value.

The most powerful way to reawaken the senses are through the elements of fire, water, earth, ether and air. These elements intermingle and compose our bodies, when immersed in the elements we feel most alive.  

It is imperative to explore that space within. An unexplored life is a very dangerous thing. Take time to ground and center oneself and to rediscover what truly matters and make it real. Many of us have great intentions but have little understanding in how to manifest and ground our best intentions into reality.

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