Traditional Peruvian Fire Ceremony

Sunday December 4th, 2011
3:00pm – 6:00pm
October Winter Storm

About the Fire Ceremony. By Natalie Shope Griffin.

Fire Ceremony and Despacho are the traditional healing ceremonies practiced by the high mountain shaman in Peru. Fire has the power to transform dense wood into heat and light.  Similarly, fire takes solid or dense energy from our system and transforms it into light.

We will also be doing a traditional Despacho Ceremony. In this prayer bundle called a Despacho, we use elements of nature to anchor our personal prayers and prayers for the healing of the Earth and all of it’s inhabitants.  Then we dispatch our prayers to Spirit on the smoke from our sacred fire.

The combination of these two healing ceremonies can bring our lives into greater alignment and beauty. Come sit in sacred ceremony for the earth and ourselves in this great time of acceleration and change.  Have you been feeling this in your life?  I sure have!

More than ever, fear reigns in our collective culture.  To break free from this, it is important to step out of linear time and into ceremony to connect to your Self and Spirit.  This grounding gives us freedom to be of service in the world.  We support each other and our growth as a community in this very special ancient ceremony.

Bring: a rattle or drum. Also bring an offering of food to share or something small from the ocean for the Despacho / prayer bundle.

There is no cost for this event. It’s time to come together in community and celebrate the beauty of life!  Come.  Be a part of this special event! – Natalie Shope Griffin

Consider bringing a dish to share.

Please RSVP with Steve at or call 860-684-3994

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