A Tree In Every Heart.

A few years ago we were traveling throughout South Africa documenting ancient healing traditions. We were told to visit a Griqua Healer, who had an intuitive gift to see and offering healing with his hands. He lived in the heart of the South African veld, which is a vast open land, bearing grass, bushes, shrubs and a variety of healing herbs.
Oom Johannes laid his ninety year old hands on each one of our team, he saw old injuries from childhood, dampness around lungs, blocked energy in the gut and heaviness in the heart. He offered us insights into each condition and for keeping a healthy heart. He said, each heart has a tree growing inside of it and sometimes we need to weep for it to be watered, it’s important to care and check in with that tree daily. Upon hearing these words Shannon excitedly jumped to her feet to retrieve one of her drawings, “ah yes”, nodded Om as he looked at her drawing of a blooming tree rooted within a heart.
In the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda, they have a similar knowing, the main channel for our mind is rooted in the heart, which is also home to our purest self-as evidenced by the many examples of heart transplant patients who take on the personality of their donor.
Isn’t it liberating to consider that our purest self is with us at all times? Unfortunately life has a habit of hardening our hearts and overthinking causes a silencing of our deepest essence. The flooding of our information age has many of us stuck with indecision and a condition of constantly being checked out from the present moment.
Sometimes we need permission to take time out and offer our heart some space for conscious composting of sorrows and regrets from our past, this will offer the necessary nutrition for that tree within to bloom.
How’s your heart today? Have you watered your tree lately?
See Oom Johannes, our team and stunning visuals from the South African veld :Tap here.
Here’s the Tree Heart Painting and a drawing of Oom.

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