EFT/ Tapping Pain Relief Story

Below is a story about Patrica, a ClearPoint retreat participant for The Tapping Solution documentary.  Patricia had been in a terrible boating accident where she shattered her L1, one of the large lumbar vertebrae of the lower back. Surgeons had succeeded in stabilizing her back with four titanium rods and eight sets of screws and bolts. But the remaining pain was excruciating. She was taking a concoction of pain killer drugs daily. The Doctors told her that she would have to learn to live with the pain and that she would be unable to do many of the things she loves.

This is a great example of looking at the words that create beliefs, (especially those coming from authorities) and how they can lock us into patterns of pain and hopelessness. Dr. Bernie Siegel say’s, “our lives are stored in our bodies”. I like to say our lives are storied into our bodies.

Thankfully we have a tool like EFT to tell a better story, shift patterns of pain and restore our lives.

For Patricia’s story and a sneak peek at the Tapping Solution Book TAP HERE!

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