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Each person best serves themselves, society and our earth when set free to discover and bring forward their true self.

 Explore the inner terrain and find your Clearpoint.


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Devotional Art

Shannon McCarthy Art

Inspirational Art that aims to connect you with the divine self that resides within. Be inspired with paintings that are visually stunning, playful and composed of nature, angels, updated religious icons and even... little birdies.

There's always a great story behind each painting and it's part of the McCarthy's heritage to share them with you. 

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Lifestyle, Leadership & Business

Are you a highly sensitive entrepreneur or leader that is seeking to thrive in-spite of this highly  distracted digital age? 

Steve Munn Coaching developed from a deep reverence for nature based methods and time tested wisdom to assist highly sensitive creators to find wholeness in the rhythms of nature and to create a fulfilling lifestyle through their unique skills and footpath. 

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Rest and Rejuvenation.

A significant amount of disorders today are of the nervous system especially for highly sensitive people. It's much easier for us to get knocked off balance in a culture that worships speed and movement. We look out for these types as they're like a delicate flower with very special gifts to share. With this retreat there's a special emphasis on rest, moving slow and making self care a priority. 


Our easy connection led from instant friendship to conscious business partnering from 2010-12. Our work together was instrumental in growing my skill and reputation as a leadership coach and Kirtan artist”

— Mike Cohen, Somatic Leadership Coach + Kirtan Leader

You both know how to hold an open space so others may enter and attend to the requirements of the Soul. You are both so humble in your capacity to serve others. And, it is obvious to all who encounter you that your willingness to do so comes out of such purity.

- Michael Brown, Author of The Presence Process and Alchemy of the Heart

Steve Munn is one of those gifted trainers who truly walks his talk. He reaches into his students and brings the very best out of them in a truly human and compassionate way.

- David Wood, Master Trainer, Humanitarian and Social Entrepreneur


As hosts, they went above and beyond. Best of all, we had a blast doing all of this self-discovery! And, my clients had an unforgettable experience. -Parvati Shallow. Yoga Teacher and Winner of CBS Survivor

Thanks Steve for playing a pivotal role in getting The Tapping Solution Film off the ground. From hosting the four day Tapping Solution retreat to serving as an EFT Expert in the film. You and Shannon both know how to hold a space for transformation to happen. - Nick Ortner The Tapping Solution


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